Changning District


Air China plane taking off from Shanghai Hongqiao International AirportChangning is a residential and commercial district near Jing’An and Xuhui. It is centrally located within Shanghai, and it is a hub for transportation. Both the Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport are located in Changning. The area is also a prime area for expats with low rents and many apartment buildings.


Yew Chung International School in Gubei, Changning district, ShanghaiGubei is an area in the district that is home to many expats, specifically other East Asian expats. Here one can find a wide range of dining options including Korean and Japanese food. The area also has international hospitals with English-speaking staff, like St. Michael’s Hospital. A couple of international schools – Yew Chung International School (right) and Hongqiao International School – are located in Gubei with other international schools in adjacent districts.


Changning has a decent amount of shops within the district. There is a Takashimaya Department Store in Gubei that has everything from international clothing brands to home goods. The Cloud 9 shopping mall in Zhongshan Park also has a decent variety of stores and includes an H&M and UNIQLO.


Red Town Art District in Changning district, ShanghaiThere are a number of places for cultural or family excursions. The Shanghai Zoo is located within Changning, and you can see animals from all over the world. A popular animal to see is the Giant Panda. Gubei is home to the Song Qingling Mausoleum which honors the life of the wife of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. You can also spend a day of fun at one of the district’s parks. Zhongshan Park has large green areas perfect for a game of football or a summer picnic. The park also has amusement rides for children and boat rentals. New Hongqiao Central Park has a path for jogging or walking, as well as a small lake. There are also a few art galleries in Changning. The Red Town Arts District (above) is located in the district and it has galleries around a sculpture park. Among the galleries is Minsheng Art Museum which has a strong reputation in the city.


Changning does not have a considerable amount of Western amenities, but it does offer a wide array of activities from those wanting to see cultural sites to those wanting to spend a relaxing afternoon in the park with family. With a strong expat community, affordable housing options, and transportation links to the rest of the city and China, Changning could be an excellent location for young professionals or families.