Gubei - Hongqiao


Gubei is a residential area located in the Changning district. As the first region developed specifically for foreigners, it has become home to a number of expats, especially East Asian expats. Due to its sizable foreign community, Gubei is a great place for expat families. There are middle to high-end compounds in the district, and rent is more affordable than in other Shanghai districts.


HQIS Hong Qiao International School in Gubei, ShanghaiThe Yew Chung International School and Hongqiao International School (left) are located in Gubei. Other international schools in Qingpu, like the Shanghai French School and Shanghai German School, are easily accessible. In case of illness or a medical emergency, there is an international hospital, St. Michael’s, in Gubei. The staff all speak English, and all of the medical equipment is very similar to Western hospitals. Also close by are the Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station, convenient for traveling around China.


Entrance of Takashimaya Department Store in Gubei, Changning districtThere is a nice selection of international food throughout the district. Near Yan’An West Road you can find Iranian food, Belgian food, and Greek food. The district also has a number of Korean and Japanese restaurants and even has a Koreatown stretching from Wuzhong Road to Hongsong Road. For shopping, Gubei is home to a Takashimaya Department Store. The store includes a market, home goods floor, and mid-range to high-end international brands. There are large supermarkets in the area, including Carrefour. Near the Carrefour are other stores including home goods stores.


On a more cultural note, the Song Qingling Mausoleum can also be found in Gubei. Song Qingling was the wife of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, and one can see memorabilia from her life in the Song Qingling Exhibition Hall on the site. Many foreigners are buried in the adjacent international cemetery.


Gubei may lack Western amenities, but it still can make a great location for those looking for a more residential expat area for their family to settle.