Jing'an District


Map of the new Jing'an district after merging with Zhabei in 2015Jing’an district is located in the center of downtown Shanghai adjacent to Changning, Huangpu, Xuhui, and Putuo districts. In 2015, it merged with Zhabei district. Named after the Jing’an temple, an ancient Chinese Buddhist Temple found in the southern end of the district, Jing’an is home to numerous entertainment and business sites despite being Shanghai’s smallest district (before merging with Zhabei). Many companies have offices in the district’s tall office buildings making it a main business district.


Jing'an is a business and commercial area located in downtown ShanghaiJing’an is also a significant commercial center in Shanghai providing plenty of shopping opportunities. Large high-end malls and other shopping venues can be found throughout Jing’An, particularly in the West Nanjing Road area which has a variety of stores including stores selling Western and luxury goods. Malls, such as Westgate Mall, often have many floors with a combination of stores and restaurants, and they can also have spas or hair salons. There is no lack of food options in Jing’an. You can find nearly any type of food with options ranging from European restaurants to Hong Kong-style tea houses.


There are plenty of bars and coffee houses located in the district as well. Tongren Road has become a popular bar street in Shanghai. Stretching from Nanjing Road to Yan’an Road, the newly developed street includes bars that are European and American-style making it very popular among expats.


Jing'an Park is located in the middle of Jing'an business areaJing’an also has plenty of green spaces, including Jing’an Park and the Yanzhong Greenbelt, which offer a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Jing’an Park is located on West Nanjing Road across from the Jing’an Temple, and it has beautiful ponds, a waterfall, and around 300 species of plants. Where Jing’An district borders the Huangpu district, you can find the Yanzhong Greenbelt. The greenbelt has 24,000 square meters of greenery complete with bamboo, a cherry blossom path, and cultural sites on the southern side.


For those looking for cultural experiences, Jing’an has multiple old houses and mansions to visit that once belonged to famous people. On Weihai Road, you can visit the former residence of Mao Zedong. Mao’s family moved to the house in 1924, and it is the only former home of the leader in Shanghai that is open to visitors. The prime location in the city and all of the dining, shopping, and cultural opportunities make Jing’An a great district to visit or call home.