Qingpu District


Qingpu is a district located at the western limits of Shanghai. An area that was once home to one of the first civilizations in China, it is now a primarily residential and industrial suburb of Shanghai. Qingpu is home to a number of industries, particularly textiles. The only state-level new and high-tech industrial park in the country can be found in Qingpu. International businesses working with textiles have set up in the park, like American Honeywell. The addition of international companies has attracted a community of expats.


Shanghai German School in the Eurocampus in Qingpu districtQingpu is home to some of Shanghai’s international schools, including the Shanghai French School and the Shanghai German School (left). Despite being a suburb, Qingpu has a number of malls and wholesale stores. Bailian Qiaoziwan is referred to as a one-stop shopping place, complete with Western food chains like Pizza Hut and Starbuck’s. Shanghai Outlet Mall has international brands, including Nike, Lacoste, Hermes, and Prada, with the feeling and design of an American outlet mall.


Zhujiajiao ancient watertown in Qingpu districtAside from shopping, you can visit multiple cultural sites in Qingpu. Zhujiajiao Old Town is a water town that spans more than 40 square kilometers. The town contains buildings and bridges dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can wander down streets lined with historical shops and residences, take a boat tour, or visit the Kezhi Garden with the Moon View Pavilion – the tallest building in the town. You can also visit the former residence of Chen Yun, one of China’s famous leaders. With the residence is the Qingpu Revolutionary History Memorial Hall which together detail the life of Chen Yun and the history of the Chinese Revolution.


Qingpu is far from the center of Shanghai, but its peaceful environment and slower pace of life make it perfect for families or individuals seeking a suburban lifestyle on the outskirts of one of China’s largest cities.