Xuhui District


Located to the south of Jing’an district and to the west of the Huangpu River, Xuhui is a major residential and commercial district. Xuhui is home to Xujiahui, which it was named after, and to a part of the Former French Concession (FFC).


St Ignatius Cathedral in Xujiahui, ShanghaiXujiahui was once the Catholic center of China, and many Catholic institutions, like the St. Ignatius Cathedral (left), can still be found in the area. The strong Catholic influence also led to Xujiahui becoming a center for education. The first school with a Western curriculum was founded in Xujiahui, and Jiaotong University is located in the area. Outside of Xujiahui, Xuhui is also home to Shanghai Normal University and the Singapore International School.


Xujiahui is a busy commercial and shopping area famous for eletronic products in ShanghaiA number of stores and malls are located in Xujiahui. You can buy many items in these malls, but Xujiahui is famous for its electronics. Most electronics and accessories can be found here. The FFC has even more shopping options. You can find malls in Times Square or boutiques on Julu, Anfu, Xinle, and Changle Roads. The FFC has a wide array of dining options as well. You can eat food from countries like Italy or Japan, or you can eat at restaurants offering food from different regions of China. Bars and nightclubs are plentiful in the FFC as well. Hengshan Road has many old buildings that have been converted into bars and clubs, making it a top area for nightlife in Shanghai. There are also many wine bars in the FFC that have excellent international wines.


For more cultural excursions, one can visit the former home of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen or simply view the old colonial French-style buildings and homes in the FFC. The Shanghai Stadium is located in Xuhui, and it is primarily used for football games. It is among the top three largest stadiums in China, trailing behind the Guangdong Olympic Stadium and Beijing National Stadium.


Inside Shanghai South Railway Station in Xuhui districtIt is also home to the Shanghai South Railway Station. The station has many trains going to Zhejiang Province, including trains to Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Jinhua, and Shaoxing. Trains also travel to provinces in southern China. At this time, there is no train to Hong Kong from the South Railway Station due to the lack of a customs checkpoint at the station.


With a variety of shopping and dining venues, great transportation, rich history, and affordable housing outside of the FFC, Xuhui is a wonderful district for visiting or residing.