Xujiahui is a busy commercial area within the Xuhui district. Most of today’s Xujiahui was once the home to the family of Xu Guangqi, who was a Chinese man who is famous for converting to Catholicism. Because of Xu’s Catholic beliefs, the area become a major center for Catholicism in China, and you can visit the St. Ignatius Cathedral here. The Cathedral has been featured in films like Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun.


Xuhui High School in Xujiahui, ShanghaiThe Catholic heritage also led to the area becoming a center for education. Xuhui College, now known as Xuhui High School (left), was the first school in China to offer an entirely Western educational curriculum. Jiaotong University is located in Xujiahui, and Fudan University was located in the area until 1922. Both universities are among China’s most elite schools.


Grand Gateway shopping mall in Xujiahui, ShanghaiToday, Xujiahui is most known for shopping. Three supermarkets and six malls including the Grand Gateway (right) are located in the shopping district on Hongqiao, Huashan, Zhaojiabang, and North Caoxi Roads. You can buy almost any product here, but Xujiahui is famous for electronics. Anything you need for their camera, computer, or gaming console can be found here.


Tomb of Xu Guangqi in Guangqi Park in XujiahuiFor leisurely activities, you can visit Xujiahui Park or Guangqi Park. Xujiahui Park has basketball courts, playgrounds, and even a man-made stream that is a miniature model of the Huangpu River. In the spring and fall, it is also possible to hear a concert performed by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The Guangqi Park is named after Xu Guangqi whose tomb is located within the park (left). The tomb combines both Christian and Chinese traditions by mixing a cross grave marker with a Chinese “spirit way.”


With a strong history, peaceful parks, and educational facilities, Xujiahui is a great area for students and young professionals to reside.