Zhongshan Park


Aerial view of Zhongshan Park in Changning districtZhongshan Park is an area of Changning district named after the park near which it is located. The Zhongshan Park area has a number of affordable housing units, as well as convenient access to transportation. The park itself is fairly large, and offers space for many activities. There is a lot of open green space for picnics, relaxing, or playing games. There are also boat rentals for the water and rides for children, both for a fee.


Cloud 9 is a famous shopping mall with a skycraper located in Zhongshan Park commercial areaThere are some shops close to the park, including shopping mall Cloud 9 (left). Cloud 9 has a 58-floor tall skyscraper with stores underneath. Some multinational stores can be found in the mall and the surrounding area, such as H&M, UNIQLO, and Best Buy. There are a lot of restaurants in the area. You can eat hotpot, Indian food, Japanese curry, and Hong Kong dishes, among others.


Also in the area is a campus of Donghua University, a national key university with a focus on technological and scientific research. This campus is where international students study.


Zhongshan Park has is limited when it comes to Western hangouts and compounds for expats, but its cheap rent and exceptional transportation links could make it the perfect place for students or young professionals and couples.